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When: June 7th, 2018 @ 9am GMT

What We Are Announcing:

  • We launched on Kickstarter on 7th June 2018. The campaign was fully funded within 48 hours, and completed with £333,486 of funding (1300% of the campaign's goal amount). The AM1 continues to be sold on Indiegogo
  • It's a lightweight, low-cost electric bicycle that looks and rides the same as push bike but with a powerful electric motor.
  • Pre-order from £499 

Why This Matters:

The average daily cycle is 20 miles so Analog Motion built an electric bike with a 20 mile range. (According to Strava data, the average commute in the UK is 8.5 miles)  

(£499 pre-order for a 13.5kg (30lbs) e-bike) 

Personal electric transport is a huge growth market as consumers adopt new modes of transport that put them in control of how they move through urban spaces. 

Cities around the world are investing billions in improving cycling infrastructure and yet consumers meet numerous practical and psychological barriers that prevent them from enjoying this investment. Road confidence, sweating, and fitness are some of the reasons people aren't getting on their bikes each day.

"Electric bikes make cycling safer, easier and really, really fun. The motor allows you to stay in front of traffic without having to exert yourself just to stay safe. Most trips on the AM1 take literally half the time of public transport." (Nav Gornall. Founder, Analog Motion)

"We used real world data to inform the design of the AM1. Statistically, the vast majority of people were cycling no more than 20 miles a day with the average being around 8 miles. So we put a lot of effort into ensuring that the AM1 carried no unnecessary weight and this allowed us to make the price point accessible for everyone. This is the first time an ultra-light electric bike has breached the sub £1000 price point. And we're launching it at £499" (Jack Chalkley. Founder, Analog Motion


Who This Is For: Commuters who want to transition from public transport to cycling. Leisure cyclists who want to move through cities without having to change or shower at their destination. Anyone who wants to enjoy the freedom and control that personal electric transport affords. Due to light-weight design, the AM1 is suited to cyclists who wish to maintain the feeling of riding a push bike while still having the option to switch on the electric assist when required. 

How To Purchase: Pre-order via Indiegogo. Shipping starts March 2019



High-Resolution Photos: Link to Images



A bike, with a motor. The AM1 maintains the feeling of riding a manual push bike whilst allowing the rider to double their power by switching on the motorised assist.

To use, simply switch on the bike and the pedal sensor will automatically send power to the motor depending on your cadence speed.

The AM1 has a track bike inspired geometry for nimble and rapid cycling through cities and country.

  • Ultra-lightweight: 13.5kg (30lbs) inc. battery)
  • Beautiful: With its classic styling it's hard to tell it's electric.
  • Powerful: Maintenance-free motor
  • Simple: Just pedal and the motor propels you. Battery charged like an iPhone
  • Customisable: 90% of the components are compatible with parts found at any local bike store
  • Affordable: Starting at £499 pre-order (~$660, ~€570) the AM1 is one of the most affordable lightweight e-bikes ever created.





Nav Gornall - Founder

Navid is an award-winning technologist and product designer (MSc) with experience in consumer electronics, robotics and sustainable product solutions for blue-chip companies. 


Jack Chalkley - Founder

Credited with numerous design awards, Jack has previously created bespoke technologies for aerospace as well as national manufacturing and retail businesses.


About Analog Motion

Analog Motion exists to create personal electric vehicles which retain the essence of human motion while augmenting the experience using modern technologies. We make human movement easier, faster and more enjoyable.