AM1 Build Local Program

Own a bike store? We'll pay you to assemble Analog Motion bikes

We are launching our AM1 across the world and are partnering with bike stores in Europe, US, and Australia in 2018 and Rest of World in 2019.

As we progress into the Q3/4 of 2018 and beyond we'll be opening up new and exciting ways for customers to customize and order each AM1 in more ways. Black rims and grey frame? Sure. What about a pink frame and white wheels? We can do that too. Due to the bespoke nature of customisation we're launching an innovative scheme which begins and ends with the best possible customer experience while keeping you, the bike experts at the heart of the process.

Start Date: November 2018

How it works

  1. A customer purchases an AM1 through our e-commerce platform (post-July 2018) or pre-orders via our crowdfunding campaign.
  2. The customer can choose to assemble the bike themselves or for a fee have it shipped to their nearest bike store; this is where you come in.
  3. If the latter, we will pick and pack and ship the custom order from one of our global fulfillment centers directly to you.
  4. You will receive a notification that a customer has chosen to ship to you.
  5. We request your permission to accept the order and once you agree, shipping and other relevant info will be sent you via our platform.
  6. Once you receive the bike you provide a time estimate for when you have the capacity to complete the build. The customer will be updated in real time.
  7. Upon completion of the assembly, which typically takes 30 mins the customer will be notified that their bike is now ready. 
  8. They schedule a time to come to collect their bike during which time you assist them in setting it up for the first time, along with helping them choose accessories like locks, helmets, and lights which you may have in stock at that time.
  9. Customer confirms receive and rides the bike away happy. 
  10. You confirm build and get paid.

The concept is simple, we want to ensure that customers who purchase online receive the same level of care as if they were purchasing at a brick and mortar store. You do not have to hold any of our stock but can still benefit from the economies and efficiencies of online fulfillment while fostering connections with customers.

We're working really hard to build this platform at scale while we scale and we will be sharing updates as we go. We know you will have some further questions and we will be formalising the process based on the results of our pending pilot.